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About Us

At E-Tiffany, we are passionate about turning the ordinary into something extraordinary! We have become masters in our craft, providing our customers with a wide and varied selection of styles perfect for whatever you have in mind!

E-Tiffany strives to give our customers options to let their creativity run wild!

We invite you to browse our site to find something special or get in touch with us to create  YOUR vision!

Meet the Owner

E-Tiffany was founded by me, "Ladi" Drake Stewart, in 2019. A chance encounter with another creative mind ignited the SPARKLE that had been lying dormant for many, many years.

As a true fashionista, I have always liked to be a little "different"... A few Google searches, some YouTube research, and several trips to some local crafting stores, and E-Tiffany Custom Creations was born!

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